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The Seventh Standard is part of the Professional Standards for Michigan Teachers (PSMT). These standards cover the main areas which the Department of Education feels are necessary for new teachers to be certified and begin their teaching careers. Download a copy of the PSMT here.

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What Coatt is:

The Consortium for Outstanding Achievement in Teaching with Technology (COATT) is a partnership among Michigan universities, colleges, schools, and educational professional organizations aimed at making our state first in the nation when it comes to training preservice and practicing teachers to use technology as an effective teaching tool. Through award programs for outstanding teachers, professional development opportunities, and innovative and collaborative projects, COATT is a state leader in promoting the integration of technology into teaching and learning in Michigan.

Portfolio Award Main Points:

To earn the COATT award, a preservice or inservice teacher creates a portfolio of his or her work in educational technology and teaching and learning. The COATT Portfolio is organized around the State of Michigan's Seventh Standard for teachers. The portfolio is submitted to COATT, which arranges for a group of evaulators to determine eligibility for the COATT award.

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